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Sampyo Remicon boasts the highest market share in the remicon(ready-mixed concrete) industry for over three decades, a testament to its product ' s unrivaled quality. Sampyo Remicon was Korea ' s first company to introduce ERP and CRM systems to ensure transparency and accuracy in customer and business management. Sampyo produced remicon materials, such as aggregate, crushed sand, and fly ash, with its own technology in its own facilities to ensure the beest quality products at affordable prices. A commitment to continuous R&D efforts achieves innovations in quality and material management.

The accumulated expertise and skillful experts at Sampyo Remicon ensure continued leadership of the remicon industry in Korea .


As a professional construction material company, Sampyo has unsurpassed expertise and technology in production of aggregate-rocks, sand, and gravel-the basic materials for construction work. Sampyo has its own large quarries and secures the best ore to produce quality aggregate by thoroughly investigating sources prior to collection. Sampyo utilizes scientifically proven methods in environment restoration to recondition excavated fields, and maintains on-time delivery and strict quality control in numerous SOC projects.


Fly ash business contributes greatly to improving concrete quality and to reducing production costs. Made of ash generated in the cooling process following coal combustion in steam power plants, fly ash functions like cement at half the cost. Because its long-term solidity is greater than cement, fly ash is being used increasingly in the remicon industry.

Sampyo ' s refining plant, Korea ' s largest, guarantees an annual production of over 800,000tons of fly ash. Sampyo uses the fly ash business to ensure high quality while lowering concrete production costs ? a boon for the construction industry.


As a company committed t putting humanity first and preserving nature, Sampyo ' s technology Institute is dedicated to environment-friendly research and development in related industrial fields. Since its foundation in August 2000, as the industry ' s first research institute in Korea, Sampyo ' s Technology Institute has been conducting extensive research on improving remicon quality, high performance concrete, construction waste processing technology, and environmentally sound incinerator and waste recycling technology.

Professional researchers at Sampyo are committed to the ongoing development of advanced environment-friendly technologies in remicon and environment businesses.


As an established professional logistics company in the construction and engineering field, Sampyo Logistics offers the latest Internet services and professional software tailored to today ' s logistics ' needs.

Based on the superior expertise of Sampyo and its affiliates, Sampyo Motor Pool ships only the finest remicon to the right place at the right time.


Sampyo I&S was launched as a professional IT company on the strengths of Sampyo ' s experts in the information system and automation sectors. Having provided experienced IT and AT services in the industrial field, Sampyo I&S has been recognized throughout the industry for its advanced expertise and desire to be the customers ' IT innovation partner, dedicated to success. Sampyo dose not hurry to create technology, organization, and processes into those of prominent companies worldwide.